A big cunt

I have heard that he is suspected to have attempted the Constables life, and that they have not spoken together for five years. He comes on a big cunt young ladys invitation, and that I know full well, said Dame Gillian; and he is less like to do the Constable wrong than to have wrong at his hand, poor gentleman, as indeed he has had enough of that already. And who told thee so. said Raoul, bitterly. No matter, it was one who knew all a big cunt it very well, said the dame, who began to fear that, in displaying her triumph of superior information, she had been rather over-communicative. It must have been the devil, or Randal himself said Raoul, for no other mouth is large enough for such a lie. -But hark ye, Dame Gillian, who is he that presses forward next, like a man that scarce sees how he goes. Even your angel of grace, my young a big cunt Damian said Dame Gillian.
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